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This is a group of paintings and drawings about having a child with special needs and what I've learned from having him in my life.  This was a chance to work through my feelings and try to find good and true things in my experiences.  The idea behind the series is that although life is not what you planned, there is beauty to be found there.    

Being with Ryan forces me to slow down and be in the moment.  There are things all around us that we can appreciate even if we have intellectual or physical disabilities- the sunlight through leaves, soap bubbles, water trickling into a pool, kind words, a friendly face.

I have learned to accept help and discovered such a variety of new friends.  We all need help sometimes.  There is no shame in that.  I needed to get over that pride, that feeling that I needed to be perfect.  I have grown stronger in my faith, but also more merciful in my thoughts toward other people.

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